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Book 2 Characters

Episodes 22 to 50

Player Characters

De'Voth Songclever

De'Voth Songcleaver

The newly minted captain, De’Voth will need to think on his feet to catch all the curveballs the Fever Sea is planning on throwing his way. With his own destiny finally in his own hands, what will Captain De’Voth use his ship and crew to accomplish?

Emmanuel (Manny)

The pirate whose greatest ambition was to be the Cabin Boy is now the First Mate. Though this lackadaisical sailor doesn’t have much ambition, he’s proven to have a cool head and strong leadership skills. Hopefully his captain won’t come to regret his choice of First Mate.


Skram Enacra

This unassuming boy has been integral to the group’s survival. As his spellbook gains more spells, he continues to prove his worth. Just as his dreams of being the ship’s Master Gunner  has come true, his past comes knocking to throw him off his high horse. Can Skram cope with two crews – two families – fighting over him?

The Masked Shield

Who knew the Masked Helmet was actually in uniform this whole time? With Helmet’s death comes The Masked Shield, and with him, answers to questions we never thought we wanted to ask. Just how much does he know about the group? What is this Masked Brotherhood, and do they all wear masks, or is the whole thing just an excuse for Joe to keep making the same ridiculous characters?

Masked Shield.png

Ariz "Lemon" Ashwood

One of the crew's newest members, Lemon has already proven himself a worthy addition to the crew. When he's not chumming around with Feeks or Price - his friends from Rickety's Squibs - he can usually be found tagging along with the group on another dangerous mission. Will his new employment under Captain De'Voth prove to be the escape he was looking for? 

Non-Player Characters

Sandara Quinn

After being rescued from the Grindy-lair, Sandara is happier than ever to tag along with the gang. As her faith in Besmara slowly grows, she will continue to provide Divine support and kiss the boo-boos of the group; especially Manny, with whom she has grown closest to.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Arron Ivy.jpg

Arron Ivy

The castaway from Bonewrack Isle couldn’t wait to get off his deathtrap of an island, but the life of a pirate wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. The carpenter-turned-witch from Chelliax will need to adapt if he wants to stick around.


If holding back were currency, Maheem would be poor indeed, for he never does! Will he be able to keep it up, though, now in the employ of an inexperienced captain, and equally inexperienced officers?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Maheem.jpg
Tuesday Gaming NPC Crimson Cog Cogward.j

Crimson "Cog" Cogsward

The Masked Helmet’s friendship bracelet hasn’t left Cog’s wrist yet; maybe someday he’ll find someone else who gets him. PHARASMA!

Fishguts Kroop

Owlbear wasn’t the only sailor saddened by the passing of the Helmet – Kroop now finds himself a sober man with no wide-eyed helmet-headed Executive Cook’s Assistant to thank for it. Will he slip back into his old drunken haze, or remain sober?


Rosie Cusswell

After landing the killing blow on everyone’s favorite skeevy boatswain, Rosie may just take it easy for a while, but maybe she’ll surprise everyone later with another clutch Handaxe crit!


No longer under the boot heel of Mister Plugg, and without his bestie – the Masked Helmet – what will become of Owlbear?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Rickety Hake.jpg

Rickety Hake

The whispy-haired proprietor of Rickety’s Squibs. This man and his business are just the paintjob that the crew needs for their shiny new ship. With any luck, the Man’s Promise won’t be recognizable when he’s done with it.

Feeks Rusk

Feeks is hiding something. Maybe it’s in his cheeks; it would explain why he talks like that. A runaway now living at Rickety’s Squibs, maybe this Ratfolk is more than what he seems.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Feeks Rusk.png
Tuesday Gaming NPC Price Chapman.png

Price Chapman

This fur trader came to the group’s aid when Naga’s came knocking. Perhaps he would make a fine new recruit, but this suave skinner comes with some baggage…

Captain Walrum "Cork" Rocksalt

Through a chance encounter (or perhaps fate) this Free Captain of the Dice be Damned knows the true identity of the crew’s ship and has a rocky history with the group’s young bookworm. Will this volatile mixture of ingredients lead to a fast friend, a friendly rivalry, or a fierce enemy?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Walrum Rocksalt Cork.
Tuesday Gaming NPC Gair Torrblink.jpg

Gair Torrblink

This Hobgoblin is Captain Cork’s first mate. Gair doesn’t take no for an answer, and doesn’t handle politics well. Maybe he can lend the group a hand, or maybe he’ll just take one of them out.

Captain Isabella "Inkskin" Locke

This shapely Aquatic Elf is a newly minted Free Captain of the Shackles, come to the Fever Sea in search of a great treasure. Her accidental meeting with the crew could be exactly what they need to give their reputation the boost they so crave. Was it accidental, though, or by design?


Captain Barnabus Harrigan

No sign of the group’s old captain since they stole his new ship. Does he know about his late First Mate’s betrayal and death? Does he know the crew’s current destination and plans? Are his sails just beyond the horizon? All questions will be answered. Eventually.

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