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Book 4 Characters

Episodes 72 - 97

Player Characters

De'Voth Songclever

De'Voth Songcleaver

Oozing confidence, Captain De'Voth sets sail to his newest project: exploring and taming the Island of Empty Eyes. He'll need to pull out all the stops to impress the Pirate Council Reps in three months. The reward will be a seat on the Pirate Council, so no pressure!

Skram Enacra

OK, Skram has done some reckless things in the past, but releasing Gargolavo has set some new standards! What favor has he requested in return for freeing this ancient lord of the ocean?

Tuesday Gaming PC Sharil.jpg


Sharil has been a loyal, steadfast ally to De'Voth and his crew ever since being recruited to plunder Mancatcher Cove, but after surviving that storm, he needs a vacation! Maybe some R&R on their new island will do him some good. One problem: it may have been safer inside the Eye of Abendego!

Tuktuk Chak'Cutta

De'Voth's lucky charm has successfully navigated the Maskador through the regatta, and into our hearts! The only thing a Druid could be more helpful in than navigating a storm is probably exploring a lost island, so everything's looking good for Tuk Tuk, right?

Tuktuk fanart.jpg
Tuesday Gaming PC The Hood.png

The Hood

Tuk Tuk's shadow has proven to be an invaluable member of the group, with impressive ranged support. It's just sad, then, how much sleep he's likely losing over never going back to rescue Sh'Shrrmnst!

Non-Player Characters

Ariz "Lemon" Ashwood

Lemon has been a steadfast choice as De'Voth's First Mate. Trustworthy and loyal, this lovely little rat has done a great job keeping everyone in line while De'Voth goes off galavanting with his landing party.

Sandara logo.png

Sandara Quinn

Sandara has found something rather concerning during her most recent foray into the Fever Sea shipping lanes, and is desperate to find De'Voth. It's probably good news, right?

Knuckles Gripe

While his addition to De'Voth's underlings was under less than ideal circumstances, Knuckles has done nothing to make his newly minted Pirate Lord question his loyalty. Let's hope this streak of loyalty continues.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Knuckles Grype.jpg
master of gales.png

The Master of Gales

A member of the Pirate Council and captain who had a long winning streak in the Shackles Regatta, the Master of Gales decided no to participate this year to give the other captains a chance to figure out who would join the ranks of the Council.

Kitha Saltspray

Formerly a slaver under the flag of Chelliax, it would seem that Kitha Saltspray has moved her operation into the Shackles. She'll be sleeping with one eye open, now that she knows De'Voth is out for revenge - that is, she might, if she even remembered him.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Pierce Jarrell.jpg

Pierce Jerrell

Officially working alongside the Maskador and her crew rather than trying to manipulate from the shadows, what does the Masked Brotherhood have in store now that they are allied with a Pirate Lord?

Tessa Fairwind

 Pirate Lord Tessa reached out to the PC's when they were just getting their feet wet in the Shackles politics, and is now a very powerful ally. If there's one thing the PC's have come to understand, though, it's that nothing is permanent in the Shackles; how will Tessa's friendship steer their destiny?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Tessa Fairwind.jpg

Barnabus Harrigan

He may have lost the Free Captain's Regatta, but Captain Harrigan is a graceful loser, probably. Nothing to worry about. He'll probably just work out his frustration into something constructive, like a massive fleet of ships. See? No problem.

Kerdak Bonefist

The Hurricane King of the Shackles seems very laissez faire with running his kingdom. Is he just a puppet, or is there something more to this drunken oaf?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Kerdak Bonefist.jpg
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