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Book 6 Characters

Episodes 119 - End

Player Characters

De'Voth Songclever

De'Voth Songcleaver

Nearly a year after being pressganged into pirate service, De'Voth finds himself among the most powerful pirates in the Shackles. Now that he's finally taken down his oldest adversary, he should have time to breathe and relax a bit, but a looming invasion threatens everything he's worked for.

Skram Enacra

Skram has been reunited with his family, as much of it as remains, and even finds he has befriended a sentient ship that once belonged to his father. What else lies in store for the young wizard?

Tuesday Gaming PC Sharil.jpg


The truth of Sharill's past, and the Masked Brotherhood's involvement in is, has come to light. It turns out this Inquisitor of Pharasma not only wields his holy book, but also a vast amount of mercy.

Leon Russell

The task that brought Leon to the Maskador has been completed. He seems content to continue on as part of De'Voth's crew for now, but how long before the Masked Brotherhood finds another mission for him?


Ivan "The Boneless" Ironbane

De'Voth's old friend has found his place as the Maskador's First Mate. Beneath the shapechanging dwarf's seemingly carefree facade, however, lurks unresolved questions about his past and his family.

Non-Player Characters

Tessa Fairwind

One of the most powerful Pirate Lords in the Shackles, Tessa has been a great ally and supporter of De'Voth and the Maskador for months now. Her help in handling the looming invasion will be critical.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Tessa Fairwind.jpg
Tuesday Gaming NPC Walrum Rocksalt Cork.

Walrum "Rocksalt" Cork

Captain Cork is probably the closest thing De'Voth can call a friend among the Free Captains of the Shackles. Will this salty sea dog rise to the occasion to help De'Voth with this looming invasion, or will he slink off to hide away until this particular storm blows over?

The Master of Gales

The old druid has taken a liking to Skram, it seems. Other than that, what interest does this Pirate Lord have in defending the Shackles from an invasion other than self interest?

master of gales.png

Arronax Endymion

The lord of Hell Harbor has become a dramatically loyal ally to the Maskador crew after their help dealing with that pesky cult of Dagon. How willing will he be to face his former countrymen in open war, though?

Druvalia Thrune

Admiral of the Imperial Navy of Cheliax, along with being the cousin of Queen Abrogail Thrune, has her sights set on the Shackles. A deal with a devil gives her the ability to strike at the archipelago from an unbelievable direction. Can De'Voth and the gang gather enough forces to turn them back?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Pierce Jarrell.jpg

Pierce Jerrell

With Barnabus Harrigan gone and Pierce's mission in the Shackles completed, how long will he remain in Port Peril? More importantly, will he go alone when he finally does leave?

Kerdak Bonefist

The Hurricane King has been a rather inconsistent figure in De'Voth and the gang's time around him. Will this king rise to the occasion to defend his "kingdom" from a foreign invasion?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Kerdak Bonefist.jpg
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