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Episode 98 - Crater Diving

We've finally arrived. It feels like we've been traveling for months through the treacherous wilderness of Ustalav's Hungry Mountains and the fresh hell that is the Gallowgarden. It's all led to this. We've finally reached Gallowspire, but even after all this time we are not entirely prepared for what awaits.

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We manage to take out another Grave Knight and give Argenus another dose of trauma, all while sustaining minimal injuries or casualties. There is an elk-shaped crater in the ground now that you mentio

After a relaxing evening playing cards in an overgrown city of the dead, it's time to resume our incursion into Gallowspire, the place where Tar Baphon has resided for the last millennium. Apple Podca

We did it! For two campaigns in a row we managed to get all the way to Episode 100 (and beyond!). To celebrate, we decided to take a break from our excursion into Gallowspire to sit down and play some

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