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Book 3 Characters

Episodes 51 to 71

Player Characters

De'Voth Songclever

De'Voth Songcleaver

Captain De'Voth has led the crew through plenty of heartache and triumph already. From taking Tidewater Rock (twice) and finding the treasure of Mancatcher Cove to the tragic deaths of some of his best crew, the pirate life is weighing heavier on his half-orc shoulders than he ever thought it would.

Skram Enacra

 Skram is growing up quick, coming to truly understand the harsh reality of the life of a pirate. Like clockwork, though, as soon as he gets too comfy, his past comes knocking. Hopefully Gair won’t lose his OTHER hand before Captain Cork finishes with his business with the Maskador. Speaking of knocking, what strangeness has been harassing Skram ever since arriving at Port Peril?

Tuesday Gaming PC Sharil.jpg


This short and fat (if handsome) sailor came in quite handy when the crew was plundering Mancatcher Cove. His vendetta against the Masked Brotherhood is a change of pace – hopefully he won’t bite off more than he can chew!

Tuktuk Chak'Cutta

The Maskador wasn’t the only entity that warranted new recruits – in the wake of the battle of Tidewater Rock, the crew found themselves in need of heavy recruiting to fill their castle with defenders. They brought the best of these recruits with them, though, and Tuk Tuk has already stood out as a valuable new addition to the group.

Tuktuk fanart.jpg
Tuesday Gaming PC The Hood.png

The Hood

Tuk Tuk’s shadow, this quiet Hobgoblin goes wherever the mystical Tengu goes, including onto the Maskador’s crew! Just like his best friend, The Hood has already distinguished himself as a good addition to the main group.

Non-Player Characters

Ariz "Lemon" Ashwood

The battle of Tidewater Rock saw the death of the Maskador’s first mate, Manny. It was a hefty loss, indeed, but no one took it harder than Lemon, who feels personally responsible for the Gunslinger’s demise. Terrified of getting another one of his friends killed, Lemon has resigned himself to remain on the ship as the new First Mate, and leave the adventuring to the rest of the group.

Sandara logo.png

Sandara Quinn

The PC’s aren’t the only ones advancing within this story – Sandara has been appointed Captain of the Intern Ship by De’Voth. She’s fully embraced her role, and maybe even gotten a bit more sassy. She’s not afraid to push De’Voth’s buttons when he needs it. Hopefully she can avoid pushing the wrong buttons, though…

Knuckles Gripe

The former First Mate of the Thresher under Isabella “Ink Skin” Locke, Knuckles now serves De’Voth as the Thresher’s new captain. Not much is known about this angry-looking fellow, but at a time when the sailor death toll had been at its peak, De’Voth took a leap of faith and spared him. What assets will he bring to the Maskador fleet?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Knuckles Grype.jpg
Tuesday Gaming NPC Walrum Rocksalt Cork.

Walrum "Cork" Rocksalt

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Skram’s old captain, but this time he has a mission for De’Voth and his crew. Maybe we can leave things off without losing any limbs this time?

Fishguts Kroop

Our favorite expository cook always has a friendly tip for the group. He’s been sober for a few months now, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Tuesday Gaming NPC Pierce Jarrell.jpg

Pierce Jerrell

We finally get to meet the Masked Shield’s superior, but it couldn’t be under stranger circumstances. What will this mysterious man of unknown resources do when he learns about the fate of his underling?

Merrill Pegsworthy

This Free Captain works for Lady Tessa Fairwind – Pirate Lord of Quent. While he continues to look for Chelish spies, his bond with the Aether continues to grow maybe, unless it’s total bs.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Merrill
Tuesday Gaming NPC Rickety Hake.jpg

Rickety Hake

Wait, what was that little scene about at the beginning of Book 3? Did something happen at Rickety’s Squibs? I’m being told no – nothing happened, and Barnabas Harrigan is super nice and just wants to return De’Voth his wallet that he left on the Wormwood. OK, that makes me feel better.

Tessa Fairwind

One of the most influential and popular Free Captains in the Shackles, Tessa Fairwind knows how to work a room. If De’Voth and the gang can impress her, she might just be their most valuable ally yet.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Tessa Fairwind.jpg
Tuesday Gaming NPC Tsadok Goldtooth.jpg

Tsadok Goldtooth

De’Voth needs to behave himself around the most rude, callous and aggravating Free Captain the Shackles has to offer, because it’s the First Mate of the Hurricane King himself. And yes, he does wear those descriptors with honor.

Kerdak Bonefist

The Hurricane King sounded cooler in theory. The leader of the Pirate Nation is just a drunkard who can’t even keep track of where he is or who he’s talking to? Actually, that doesn’t seem as farfetched when I say it out loud. Or is it all an act?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Kerdak Bonefist.jpg

Captain Barnabus Harrigan

The crew’s old flame is closer than they might think. While some of his crew are still friendly with the PC’s (some more so than others), maybe it’s best to not poke the beehive…

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