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Alex Perry

Former Game Master of the Swiss Army Scorpion podcast, Alex continues his GM-ing career with Inspired Incompetence. Known for his narrative flair, Alex strives to create a vivid and epic experience for his players. Alex is a father of two and happily married to his wife, Michelle, who tolerates his nerdy hobby with all her heart.

Joe Twardowski

Joe is certainly the most well-intentioned member of the podcast. He may not always know all of the rules, or even all of the things his character can do, but he always shows up when needed, and often when not needed.


Matt Couture

Formerly known as De'Voth Songcleaver back in our Swiss Army Scorpion days, Matt brings his unique blend of roleplaying and rules-lawyering to the table, as well as roughly eight extra characters that he'll never get the chance to play.

Nick D'Alessandro

Part-time firefighter, full-time partier. Between going to school, working at the firehouse, and the sheer amount of partying, it's simply astounding that Nick finds the time to sit down with us to record each week.


Tom Szalowski

Former PC Skram Enacra on the Swiss Army Scorpion podcast. Tom is possibly the most chaotic player in the podcast. Between his RP, creativity, and his ability to somehow remember every bonus/penalty on the field he can make or break almost any situation. Tom works for a rock climbing gym and axe throwing venue really taking on a true adventurer's mentality.

Andrew Meager

Andrew is certainly a member of the podcast. He also composes all of the music used, which is mostly why we keep him around.

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