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Book 5 Characters

Episodes 98 - 118

Player Characters

De'Voth Songclever

De'Voth Songcleaver

With the newly minted Sharksbane Island freshly conquered, De'Voth joins the ranks of the Pirate Council and finds himself with the freedom to pursue his true goal: ending Barnabus Harrigan.

Skram Enacra

After a brush with both death and insanity, Skram finds himself with a fancy new pair of claws. Is this something to do with his potentially demonic origins? Questions abound for the young wizard.

Tuesday Gaming PC Sharil.jpg


Steady, reliable Sharill has been a trusted ally and pillar of support for his new Captain. After apparently making up with the Masked Brotherhood after that minor kidnapping incident, could there be more revelations ahead for the rotund, book-wielding man?

Leon Russell

The newest envoy from the Masked Brotherhood has joined De'Voth and his crew to push their overall goal of ending the threat that Barnabus Harrigan poses.


Ivan "The Boneless"  Ironbane

After finally catching up with his old friend De'Voth on the Island formerly known as Empty Eyes, Ivan brings a vicious energy to the group as they conquered their new home.

Non-Player Characters

Ariz "Lemon" Ashwood

With the addition of some big new allies, Lemon has been reassigned to help them get the hang of being fearsome pirates. Fear not, though, his trademarked voice and laugh will return!

Sandara logo.png

Sandara Quinn

With De'Voth granting her ownership over Tidewater Rock, Sandara's continued loyalty continues to reward the cleric of Besmara. 

Knuckles Gripe

Knuckles has been a model underling. With Sandara receiving Tidewater Rock, De'Voth's former foe becomes a sort of caretaker for his new home while the newly minted Pirate Lord goes off galavanting around the Shackles.

Tuesday Gaming NPC Knuckles Grype.jpg
master of gales.png

The Master of Gales

This salty old druid is a bit hard to predict, but he generally seems to not care about the opinions of others and has no qualms about calling out what he sees as hypocrisy, even from his king.

Kitha Saltspray

The former Chellish slaver has cozied up to the pirate lord Bedu Hanji to bring her slaving talents to the Shackles. Will the protection of another pirate lord save her from De'Voth's wrath?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Pierce Jarrell.jpg

Pierce Jerrell

After sending Leon to De'Voth and the crew to help them conquer the Island of Empty Eyes, Pierce and the Masked Brotherhood can now point De'Voth like a ballista bolt straight at their intended target: Barnabus Harrigan

Tessa Fairwind

While De'Voth and the gang have been busy conquering the Island of Empty Eyes, Tessa's investigation into a Chellish spy ring has continued. What new information has she been able to acquire in the months that De'Voth has been busy?

Tuesday Gaming NPC Tessa Fairwind.jpg

Barnabus Harrigan

Harrigan has been laying low since losing the Free Captains' Regatta. His newly subdued nature will not spare him from the simmering rage of De'Voth and the continued efforts of the Masked Brotherhood. The big question is: who will strike first?

Bedu Hanji

The Pirate Lord hailing from the Rampoor Isles in the center of the Shackles is the de facto head of the slave trade in the archipelago. This fact alone would bring him to butt heads with De'Voth, but then pair that with his protection of Kitha Saltspray and a clash between the two seems inevitable.

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