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Book 2 Characters
Episodes 27 - 50

Player Characters

Uhtred toast.png

Uhtred Bebbenburgh

After a grueling trek through the Boneyard and the Dead Roads, Uhtred is finally back in the town he swore to protect. The big problem now is there really isn't anything left to protect. Where does he go from here?

Rogyar Stonebuckle

Rogyar has been growing more and more powerful as the group has traveled, but grappling with the loss of his son is weighing on his mind. This mysterious, poisonous cloud is keeping the group contained for now, but what happens when it isn't?


Thelais Baker

With mighty shovel in hand, it is more than fair to say that Thelais is the heart of the group. With his stalwart presence and supportive comments, he has really helped the group push forward through the most difficult of obstacles thus far.

Vipera Draco

Headstrong and stubborn, Vipera bull rushed her way right through the Dead Roads to wind up right back in a destroyed town that never really accepted her presence anyway. Where does she go from here, now that she's been given a second chance?


Non Player Characters



The only other living being we've come across in our wanderings of the destroyed remains of Roslar's Coffer is Jando, a half-orc ranger who has been surviving in a hidden blind in the woods just outside of town. Our arrival could mean his salvation, or possibly his doom.

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