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Book 3 Characters
Episodes 51 - 77

Player Characters

Uhtred toast.png

Uhtred Bebbenburgh

The fog has been lifted and Uhtred is finally on the road to complete his given mission: delivering news of what happened to Roslar's Coffer to the Knights of Ozem in Vigil. Uhtred's duty as Captain of the Guard for the town is nearing it's completion.

Rogyar Stonebuckle

For the first time since waking up in a coffin on another plane of existence, Rogyar has seen the open sky and finally felt a real sense of freedom. The task at hand keeps him attached to the group at least as far as Vigil, but who knows what could happen from there.

Thelais toast.png

Randolph Ellington

The new guy in the group seems like he's got a few dozen screws loose, but he has thus far proven a great asset to the cause. With his ghostly companion literally driving us to Vigil, Randolph will soon know just what he has gotten himself into with us.

Vipera Draco

Being back on the Material Plane seems to have mellowed Vipera out just a bit. While still headstrong and stubborn, she has developed a pragmatic streak that could serve her well in the events to come.


Non Player Characters



He survived not only the initial "event" that destroyed Roslar's Coffer, but he even managed to survive following us around its ruins for a while, long enough to emerge on the other side healthy and free. He travels with us to Vigil for now, but where will his duty take him from here?

Ceto Malderra

Ceto is the highest-ranking officer of the Knights of Ozem in Vigil for the time being. If anyone in the city can help us with our mission, it should be her.


Aylunna Varvatos

The High Priestess of Iomedae and leader of the Sancte Iomedae in Vigil, this powerful cleric knows Uhtred from his childhood days as a squire and could provide a valuable asset in our mission in the city.

Evni Zognoss

The Venture Captain for the Vigil chapter of the Pathfinder Society, Evni is Randolph's boss and someone he would much rather avoid. We'll see how long he can manage that one, though.

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