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Book 4 Characters
Episodes 78 - 125

Player Characters

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Uhtred Bebbenburgh

As the final remaining member of the group that awoke in Roslar's Tomb back in episode 1, Uhtred has come to accept that his mission in this second chance at life is to put a stop to the Whispering Tyrant's plans, and is acutely aware that this mission will likely cost him his life.

Randolph Ellington

As he gets more and more comfortable with having another consciousness living in his head, Randolph has become a surprisingly stabilizing force in the group. Time and again he proves how dependable he is in any situation, despite some lingering unpredictability.

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Argenus toast.png


As a newcomer to the group, Argenus is a versatile spellcaster who may or may not have had his mind rattled by his recent death and return from the Boneyard. Will his faith in the cards be enough to keep him in this reality long enough to stop what's coming?

Krix Intowa

With Rogyar's departure from the group following the events in Vigil, this mysterious newcomer arrives alongside an old friend with some incredible new abilities. How long will the good will garnered by this association last with this strange new compatriot?


Non Player Characters


Aylunna Varvatos

As the de facto leader of the survivors of the citizens of Vigil, Aylunna has a hefty task on her hands. She needs to ensure the safety of those under her care in increasingly uncertain and dangerous times.


An old friend returns. Making her first appearance since we left her in the ruins of Roslar's Coffer, Elksie comes to the rescue early on bearing good tidings, some much-needed assistance, and some surprising new abilities.



Formerly the Herald of Aroden and a demigoddess who perished in the Shining Crusade, Arazni has since been raised as a lich and spend the past few centuries ruling over the country of Geb in place of the nation's absent namesake. What plans could she have against the Whispering Tyrant?

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