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Book 5 Characters
Episodes 126 - 157

Player Characters

Uhtred toast.png

Uhtred Bebbenburgh

Friends and allies come and go, but Uhtred is inevitable. Through some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable, Uhted perseveres. He seems to have accepted his ultimate fate, but refuses to meet it until his mission is complete.

Thelais Baker?

An old friend returned to us in a new body with new capabilities to go along with it. Thelais has always been the most loyal member of the group, and his dedication to his friends has led him to overcome death more than once, but can it save him again should the worst happen?

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Argenus toast.png


Argenus's particular brand of insanity has proven as unpredictable as it is effective. Putting his everyday fate in the hands of the Harrow Deck has yet to steer him wrong, but is it actually steering him right?

Tioblith Greenstrider

This egotistical elf is overflowing with confidence in his intellect and abilities. The most infuriating part is his arrogance has mostly seemed warranted in his time with the group. His motives remain his own, but he should prove a valuable ally as long as his interests align with the group's.

Tioblith toast.png

Non Player Characters


Miraina Olviris

After finding themselves halfway around the world, the group has been taken in by a kindly old woman who has her own motivations for providing aid. 


Before she was the undead Queen of Geb, before she was the Herald of Aroden, Arazni was an Arcane Botanist from the nation of Xopatl. Despite her sacrifice, her presence still seems to loom large over unfolding events.

tar baphon toast.png

Tar Baphon

The Whispering Tyrant is free. Those five words are enough to strike terror into everyone in the Inner Sea. With Gallowspire destroyed and a horrific weapon in hand, the stuff of nightmares has been loosed on the world, and it seems like we are the only ones capable of standing in his way...

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