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Book 6 Characters
Episodes 158 - Present

Player Characters

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Uhtred Bebbenburgh

Now fully embracing his mantle as Keeper of the Light, Uhtred refuses to be ground down by his overwhelmingly oppressive situation. Constantly battling through apocalyptic scenarios can take a toll on a guy after a while.

Thelais Baker

Despite his happy-go-lucky countenance, Thelais has shown a level of dedication to his friends and to his mission that is unrivaled, even by Uhtred. Is his dedication strong enough to overcome what lies ahead?

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Argenus toast.png


Now that he's figured out how to add the power of the Harrow deck to the power of his spells, Argenus's powers continue to provide a massive boon to the Pharasma Four, as he insists on calling them.

Valbar Fiddlestitch

The severely serious gnome has seemingly spent a bit too much time around the undead. The normal whimsy of the race of gnomes is absent in Valbar as he relentlessly pursues his revenge mission against the Whispering Tyrant.


Non Player Characters


Aylunna Varvatos

Ever since the destruction of Vigil, Aylunna has taken the struggle of the people of Lastwall upon her shoulders. She seems to have accepted her fate and is simply trying to save as many of her people as she can before she meets her end.

Evni Zognoss

The substantial resources available to Evni as a field commander in the Pathfinder Society has allowed Evni to provide Aylunna with invaluable assistance in saving as much of Lastwall's people as she can. 


Dondun Daradun

Dondun's continued service to Aylunna and the people of Lastwall certainly comes as a surprise, perhaps to no one more than Dondun himself. 

Tar Baphon

The Whispering Tyrant has struck again, but his choice of target seems odd. Uncovering his motives behind his most recent bought of devastation could be the key to stopping his machinations against the grand city of Absalom.

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